Magstripe Encoders

Magnetic Card Writer 

Use Our Magnetic Stripe Encoders to encode:

  • Membership cards
  • Visitor and employee badges
  • Identification and access control cards
  • Student identification cards
  • Gasboy Cards *
Magnetic card writerMCE Reader Writer Triple Track (tracks I, II & III) High/Low Coercivity MSR Encoder  with USB Interface & Encoding Software
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Magstripe reader writerEZW Hi/Lo Magnetic Stripe Encoder with USB or RS232 Interface & Encoding Software
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Magnetic Card Encoder3840-33HL Tracks I, II & III High/Low Coercivity Magnetic Card Writer with USB Interface & Encoding Software
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Magstripe cards500 Pack of Blank High Coercivity Cards. 


* Please Note: Some newer GasBoy installations may require the customer to also install a PIN Calculator that will need to be acquired from GasBoy.

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