Star Micronics SP212 and SP216 Impact Dot Matrix Receipt Printer SeriesReceipt Printer SP212


  • Lightweight and compact

  • Black and red printing available on SP216

  • Ideal printer for CAT (Credit Authorization Terminal)

  • High speed printing: approx. 2.5 lines/sec

  • Popular 3" width roll paper

  • OPOS Drivers available

The Star Micronics SP212 and Star Micronics SP216 are high speed printers with built-in Verifone 200 emulation which are ideal for credit authorization terminals (CAT) and data logging systems. The optional CAT cover provides an ergonomic receipt printer and CAT package. Star Micronics Model SP212 prints a single color (purple or black) and the Star Micronics Model SP216 prints two colors (black/red) which is ideal for highlighting features on a receipt.

Standard features include small footprint, RS232C interface via a DB25 connector, semi-automatic paper loading and MCBF/reliability of 9 million lines. The integrated  cash drawer driver helps maintain minimum system cost. The built-in self test function allows the user to check and reset dip switch settings. The printer utilizes popular 3" wide roll paper and can print an original plus two copies. The long life metal tear bar provides accurate and reliable paper cutting. 

General SpecificationsReceipt Printer SP216

Print Speed
Approx. 2.5 lines/sec


Line Spacing
1/6" (fixed)

7-pin Serial impact dot matrix

No. of Columns
42 (16CPI), 35 (13.4CPI)

Paper Specs
Popular 3" roll paper


0.07mm to 0.10mm - Single Copy
Three-ply max. 0.2mm
Each ply should be 0.05mm to 0.08mm in thickness

Roll Diameter
Max 85mm

Paper Sensors
Paper out

Reliability Printer Cutter
MCBF 9 million lines, Printhead 75 million characters 
1.5 million cuts

Operating Temperature
0C to 50C

Operating Humidity
5% to 90% RH w/o condensation


Cash Drawer
1 Driver

Windows9x/NT/2000, OPOS, JavaPOS

Safety Standards

Case Color
Putty or Charcoal

Star Micronics SP212 and SP216 Impact Dot Matrix Receipt Printers Pricing:

Parts # Description Price
SP212FC42-120 Parallel 42 Column Receipt Printer $294
SP212FD42-120 Serial 42 Column Receipt Printer $294
SP216FC42-120 Parallel 42 Column - 2 Color (Black & Red) Receipt Printer $299
SP216FD42-120 Serial 42 Column - 2 Color (Black & Red) Receipt Printer $299


or call (541) 601-8282 for more info on the Star Receipt Printer line.


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